Friday, March 1, 2013

Fun Friday: The Harlem Shake (and the danger it could have caused)

After a rather long absence in fun friday posts (which you could guest post as well), I recently found this on CNN.

The Harlem Shake is (I guess) the latest round of viral dance videos, and due to how fast this dance is blowing up it makes it look like Gangnam Style is a thing of the past. The dance usually takes place on airplanes (usually when still grounded) or other unusual places (or just out in public). However, this one event where passengers did the shake 30,000 feet up in the air is what attracted both CNN and my attention.

Here is CNN's report of the event, in a video.
As you can see, dancing like that can be quite fun but when you do it on a (rather) crowded plane like that things can become dangerous, especially if the plane is in the process of taking off or landing.

Besides the news report, here is some videos of the Harlem Shake, done in a much safer manner. Have any of you tried doing this? I might try it myself, after all I did enjoy dancing Gangnam Style. The first video is the Norwegian Army Edition of the Harlem Shake, and then the Harlem Shake office edition. There's plenty more videos you could look at, but I only wanted to embed 2.

Find these any interesting? It's not the normal stuff I do, but I wanted to share this because it caught my attention, and it's Friday -- I don't always have to stick to tech stuff, right? :P