Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Introducing Techman's World IRC

Weeks and weeks ago I announced that I was busy on building a test server for UnrealIRCd, and eventually Anope IRC services. That project back then was mainly a test to see if I can actually get a (very beta) IRC setup going. I'm proud to say that I've graduated from that.

If anyone subscribes to Google Alerts for this website, or follows the domain at all, I created a new website (powered by Blogger for now anyways) located at tmwirc.techmansworld.com. The sub-domain is now live and most help info relating to the network is already posted. The things I haven't quite done or gotten to yet is the actual terms of service for the network, and the privacy policy. I can say right now that the terms will be in line with the main site's existing policies.

Techman's World IRC will eventually be the replacement the the already existent Techman's World Chat Room, which is currently hosted on GeekShed. They are in general fine folks (GeekShed), but we want more control from a broad point of view and we want to aim for real, true community discussion.

If you are familiar with Unreal IRCd & Anope, then you'll be glad to hear that we offer bs_fantasy_ext, cs_sync, and ns_ajoin. We also allow you to request a private BotServ bot, but I'll develop guidelines for this before the network launches. All services data on the network is encrypted with SHA-1, so you can breathe freely that your data will be safe (but not 100%, as even the securest servers and databases could be cracked eventually).

We offer the standard channel access levels, which are ~&@%+, which translates to channel owner, administrator, operator, half-operator, and voice in the corresponding order. I offer more of an explanation of channel access levels on the ChanServ page located in the tab navigation bar.

As already said on the Techman's World IRC website, the network is in preview, and is invite only. So if you want in - contact me and I'll see what I can do. With a few exceptions, consider the Techman's World IRC website as the official home for the IRC division for Techman's World, and all IRC related parts of the website will be found there.

Hope you, as well as I, enjoy this together. Over the coming weeks I'll be working on the project more and more, eventually reaching a public launch. That is, if all goes according to plan.