Sunday, December 9, 2012

Microsoft to start heavily advertising to Hotmail users starting next week

If you use Windows Live Hotmail as your email service, you might have noticed that for the past few days, even weeks, that upgrade to images are showing up in the ad areas. You should have been seeing them a lot often starting from the past few days. You probably even got an email asking you to upgrade to Microsoft is pushing hard to get all of it's Hotmail users to starting this week.

Why? Well it's the simple reason that is more modern and it will eventually replace Hotmail anyways. Right now it is not known when users will be forced to change over, but we all know that it will happen eventually. Microsoft is clearly sending the message that it wants you on

Right now the switch to is optional. If you do decide to upgrade, you can currently also change back. I did a post a few months ago when came out on how to switch back.

Right now you can temporarily switch to Outlook.coma and grab an email address and downgrade to Hotmail's interface if you want. You can still grab @hotmail and @live .com email addresses if you want as well.

Since's release, I have wrote about it a lot on Techman's World. The button below will give you a  search of all things tagged with If you have questions on the new Outlook, drop a comment and I'll try to help you.