Tuesday, December 4, 2012

[Announcement] Recent posts widget removed from site

A few weeks ago I talked about some of the site changes I am working on. I was trying to fix a problem with the recent posts widget, but so far I have been no where. Then the other day  I found a temporary solution, another working widget but I did not like it as much. Earlier today that gadget is now broken as well, or some kind of error happens that is out of my control.

So for at last a day or two I have pulled the recent posts widget off of the site. I apologise if this affects anyone, but until then I need to find something that works and does not break something on the site.

Oh, and on top of all of that, I have to fix my banner at the top. For some reason it has stopped spinning and cannot figure out why. If you can help me with that in that regard and I appreciate it.

Oh, and one last thing: Techman's World will celebrate it's 1 year birthday soon. On that day I'll talk some more about the site, and the direction it's heading. Nothing bad, of course :).