Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[Announcement] 1000 posts and counting

It appears to be that time again, and surprisingly I am actually 3 posts late with this one, making this post the 1004th post.

In this series of 100 posts, I made a few site improvements. The site had some new bugs introduced by some of the recent updates I was making, and I eventually fixed all of them.

I fixed some of the widgets as well. The recent posts widget was giving me tons of problems and after a few days I eventually found a widget from a maker that actually worked and had very high hopes of not being borked.

Also coming up is Techman's World's first birthday! December 18, 2011 was the birth of the site, at around 1 AM. Techman's World has grown a lot since that day and I am proud of everyone who has decided to stick around, even from the site's beginning with that hand-made Microsoft Paint logo. I am proud of the site as well as it now looks a lot better, thanks to the community. For example, Jules (JMarkAfghans) helped create the logo that you now see today. Gary helped fix some of the problems we had when the classic Disqus was still running on this site. All of the contributions have not gone forgotten, believe me.

On the site's birthday I'll discuss with you the goals of this site, where it is now, and how to take on the future. You all have a say in how this site goes -- even from the start.

Until then, here's to another 100 posts, and the site's first thousand posts!