Sunday, November 4, 2012

Background Images on Google Homepage Going Away Soon

A few minutes ago I was looking up some DNS apps for Android in the Google Play store, and then I decided to go back to the Google homepage by clicking the link in the page bar. As my background image for the Google search page was loading, I got this popup telling me that the feature will be going away soon. I thought I should share all of this with you as well so you can be prepared for when the feature is gone, if you never get or miss the notification.

  I have only gotten the alert from Intrnet Explorer so far, so this is why the image above looks a little bit "messed up".

From the image above, starting November 16th you will no longer see your background image on the homepage, but the image itself will still be saved to your photo albums. The reason is a more streamlined interface, but in that regard I'm not so sure what has to be so streamlined. The search page looks exactly the same as any other, but with a different background image and a matching logo to respond to light or dark backgrounds.

The notification bubble also gives you the option to remove your background image on the spot, or to cancel leaving your image there to disappear on the day defined in the image and in the other paragraph.

If you were wondering what my background image is, then take a guess. I'm sure it's not that hard to figure it out.