Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Accessing Bing Background Image via Google Chrome

A few hours ago I posted an article on how to get Bing's background images easily on Internet Explorer 8. Today's tutorial is with Chrome. With Chrome we are using the web inspector, and it really is almost as simple as Internet Explorer 8. I did another video tutorial on how to do it. You can follow the steps in the video and/or look at the instructions below.

  1. Open Chrome. Click the URL bar and navigate to bing.com
  2. Right click on anywhere in the image that does not have the clear information popups\
  3. In the web inspector usually the element just above it has the background image. The element that contains the background image is  "bgDiv".
  4. Get the image source link. This can be found via the HTML code, or the CSS panel
  5. Navigate to the URL
  6. Right click and save the image as you like it.
Like I promised, I do have a short tutorial video below. It does have some music as the audio. If you have your volume all the way up on your computer, then here's your warning so you don't get potentially sound blasted :P