Thursday, September 13, 2012

Do you read books? Check out the book I'm reading

Even though I'm Techman, and I still don't like to read books that often (I read website's instead -- a LOT of them too), I do still manage to pick up one every once in a while.

If you like tech-themed books, then you might want to check out this interesting read. The current book I am reading is called Delete All Suspects. This book is by Donna Andrews, and is a part of the Turing Investigation series if Amazon is telling me correctly.

I might as well as copy and paste the snippet from the authors website. Hopefully this is good enough to buy this or pick this up from your local library, as this is one of those types of books that you shouldn't miss out on. That, and the Softwire series.
Donna Andrews herself. Pic from her
press kit.
After a hit-and-run leaves young techie Eddie Stallman in the hospital, Turing Hopper, a sentient computer, helps her PI friend Tim find out who did it. Their investigation uncovers evidence of spamming, phishing, and other unsavory online crimes. But when the feds show up looking for an online vigilante who's also using Eddie's computers, Turing and friends are caught in the middle. They can't let the vigilante continue--but they can't tell the FBI everything without revealing Turing's identity to the world. 
If you have ever read this book, let me know. Now I know Techman's World has never really covered books, the book I am talking about is tech related, and I thought I should share it here. If you have a favorite tech book that you want to share, then let me know, as perhaps I could read it.