Saturday, August 4, 2012

Microsoft's Service Status Page also gets a Metro style update

In addition to, other Windows Live services are going to get makeovers with the new Metro (or right now, "Windows 8 Style UI" due to a dispute).

SkyDrive's update is coming real soon, with some new leaked screenshots (I'll make a post about this later). This post is about the status page, so lets talk about that.

First off, Windows Live has been renamed to "Microsoft Account." There is also more name changes:

  • Contacts becomes People
  • Social Updates is not "Connected Services"
As you can see above, there are to statuses for mail. Right now, you can see both the status of Hotmail and the status of, because Outlook is still in its preview phase. This is a nice addition. You can also report a problem specifically for Hotmail and/or Outlook. Nice addition during this phase of email at Microsoft.

If you have been keeping a watchful eye, you'll notice that there is still something missing off of the list: Windows Live Mesh. Windows Live Mesh is still there, but it is only there to give time for existing Mesh users to move to SkyDrive to sync their data.