Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Microsoft debuts revised SkyDrive website, includes Windows 8 UI

More recently, Microsoft has been giving some Metro remakes to its online services, and after some rumors and leaks, Microsoft is now finally ready to reveal this to the public.

As detailed in a typically extensive blog post, the company has today launched an all new as SkyDrive.com (rolling out over the next 24 hours), one that now defaults to a tile-based layout and boasts new features like instant search and a contextual toolbar. As the company notes, it's also designed with tablets in mind, in addition to desktop web browser. What's more, Microsoft has also rolled out updated SkyDrive apps for Windows and OS X, which promise faster uploads and other performance improvements, and it says it'll finally have an Android app in "just a few weeks."

This is a welcome update, as Outlook.com, and People (contacts) already have a new Windows 8 UI look. There are really only two services left, and that is Calendar and Profile.

You can take a look at the new SkyDrive with the video below.