Sunday, August 19, 2012

Latest version of RealPlayer uses flash to display .mp4 videos?

While firing up real player to play a quick MP4 clip (otherwise I use Sony's MediaGo software), I wanted to right click on the video and try to set the video to replay over and over again. When I tried to do that, I got a little right-click menu that is flash. It had no options, but instead the normal flash settings and stuff like that. Right clicking anywhere outside the video does nothing as far as I can see.

This saddens me a bit, because I actually think RealPlayer is capable software. Now I don't know what to think of it. I loved (notice the past tense) their video converter, but I guess in a desperate attempt to make money they now charge to convert only one video file, and that is MP4 files. I used to be able to convert for free. They might chagre for more files, but this is what I am finding.

If you are wondering why I even have RealPlayer installed on my computer, I installed it only for one reason – to play .flv files. Now that I know that VLC is a open source alternative and the fact that it is favored a lot in the open source world, I just might ditch RealPlayer and install that instead.

And below is beloved screenshot proof.

Again, this is very odd that I found this out. This might explain why I sometimes have trouble playing HD video on my old computer, because it always struggles with Flash beyond 360p in most cases. On the other hand, Sony's MediaGo software actually uses codecs and a video playback engine to display videos. I can play HD videos without studder like I get in flash.