Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Help support a great podcast network - Jupiter Broadcasting

If you have been on the site lately, you know that there is some references to the Linux Action Show, TechSNAP, and Coder Radio. Well that podcast network does not get paid by big companies to do their shows, they rely on donations, affiliates, and some ads (pretty much GoDaddy ads).

If you shop online a lot, you can contribute to them without even lifting a finger, especially if you shop on Amazon a lot. Their Firefox and Chrome extensions can auto tag their affiliate websites for you when you visit them.

For example, Amazon is automatically tagged when you visit a product. If you go and buy that product, that tag still stays. A small portion of your purchase is contributed to the network, so they can continue to make great shows. So go ahead and support them, they appreciate it.

So, what about the shows? I'll explain a little bit about them.

Linux Action Show - This show is a hub of Linux news and reviews. The current hosts are Chris Fisher and Matt Hartley, both having experience and a background with Linux. They frequently review new distros, as well as new versions of distros. They also cover news about Linux. They also have a "runs Linux" segment on the show where they find interesting products that run Linux. You can submit a candidate for the runs Linux segment on their sub-Reddit

TechSNAP - This show is more tech oriented, from a broad view, and not focused on one particular subject in the world to tech. They are a much geekier show then you think, talking about server stuff, databases, and so on. The hosts of the show are Chris Fisher and Allan Jude. Allan Jude lives in Canada, not the US, so they (I guess) Skype each other to do the show.

Coder Radio - I already explained this show in a different blog post, go here to see it.

How to help:

You can help support Jupiter Broadcasting by installing their Chrome and/or Firefox extensions. This extension does cover most of Jupiter Broadcasting's affiliates, but it does not cover them all (due to the affiliate denying auto tagging sessions using extensions and such). You can always visit and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see all of the affiliate links, as well as options to donate via Amazon or Paypal. Other options such as Google Checkout are in plans.