Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Want to have a podcast that is focused on "Software Development and related technologies"? Dive into Coder Radio!

Hello all. If you didn't know, I love to listen to podcasts  provided by Jupiter Broadcasting. Those are the people that make shows like the Linux Action Show, and some other shows like TechSNAP (focuses on tech and related stuff).

Recently Jupiter Broadcasting has launched a new show, called Coder Radio. This show focuses on software development and related technologies. Coder Radio is meant to be a audio only show, but for now you can also grab a 432p video stream, that mostly shows activity in the chat room, as well as when they load up relevant webpages, etc. Coder Radio has so far proven to be a successful show, with even members in the #jupiterbroadcasting chat room asking for when the next Coder Radio is out.

Below was the preview video that was put out before Coder Radio Episode one came out. It is basically sort of like a preview show.

Coder Radio is currently at episode 4, so you haven't missed much if you are interested in taking a look at this show.

Click here to see the Coder Radio homepage. The page is also embedded below in an iframe.