Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Site Update - Updated Logo...again

The other day, I made a post about having an updated logo. I pretty much removed the background, and swapped in a white one...I didn't know how to make things transparent, so I just made it white because the area where I put it was white.

Despite this, I still received some nice feedback. It was a good thing to remove the purple/pinkish background, since it had nothing to do with my site.

The feedback was like this:

  • It looks a little to light now with the light background. You should make it darker
  • It looks to plain, try adding some new to it to make it stand out
To add effects to this, I needed to use a big graphics editor, such as GIMP and the industry standard PhotoShop. The thing was that I had no experience using either, and I was only going to use GIMP because I am not going to pay outrageous amounts of money just to get one years worth of PhotoShop.

Before I can even fire up Ubuntu the same day, a community member named JMarkAfghans. He/She (haven't figured it out yet) decided to try submitting multiple logos to me, originally as examples. It quickly became a edit and then submit game. Eventually after a few comments back and forth, I found the right logo. So now, the last image upload has become my logo.

If you have some feedback, please let me know.