Sunday, July 29, 2012

Science Rules! Bill Nye hints at possible ‘Science Guy’ return

Here is a picture of Bill Nye
If you are a "science guy" like I am, you probably know about the 90's television series "Bill Nye the Science Guy." If you were ever hoping for a possible revival of the very popular tv series, you just might be in luck. Nye is giving his fans a hint of a possible revival of the show.

Answering questions on Friday in a Reddit forum, Nye was asked if he would ever consider doing new episodes of the show.
“Yes, yes,” he answered. “But, it would have to be with the right producers, and it would have to be a less unfavorable contract. I put my heart and soul into that thing; everybody on the crew did. It was a unique time in TV history. It was exciting to be part of it. Let’s change the world.”

In a reply comment asking if he would do videos on YouTube or via his website, he said "Stay tuned ;-)"

Now, how’s that for a teaser?

A former Boeing engineer, Nye moonlighted as a comedian and got his start on television on KING-TV’s “Almost Live” sketch comedy show, which gave birth to the “Science Guy” character. “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” produced by KCTS-TV in Seattle, started in 1993 and aired for five years, winning a bunch of Emmy Awards. If Nye does bring back “The Science Guy,” it would be part of a trend, of sorts. Media personality Pat Cashman and other former “Almost Live” cast members recently announced plans for a new show, “The 206.”

You can follow Nye on his website,, and on Twitter @thescienceguy.

Oh, and here is a little something that should get you a little excited. You're welcome ;-)

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