Friday, July 27, 2012

New Share Options Coming to You!

Everyone knows that sharing is caring, right? Well, Blogger's native system for sharing posts was very limited, and only offered you to share 5 ways. For two days now, I have added a new share widget to the area after every article, where the "Something wrong with article?" widget is. Currently the widget has 20's of 30's of ways to share, so I hope you all like it.

The new share widget will not replace the already existing one, but I might remove the already existing one.

Lockerz was the creator of the widget if you were wondering. They offer so many ways to share.

For now, that is where the widget is going to stay. Lockerz would be better if they can hide and replace the share widget from within the the article, like the Disqus comment system does for the comments here (I can explain this further for those that are wondering).

Let me know of your thoughts below.