Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How To: Gather Details About Your Browser Real Quickly

The Support Details Logo when you are not
hovered and hovered over the logo.
Sometimes you need to gather info about your web browser. Normally, people would have to manually try to find out their IP, JavaScript status, Adobe Flash status, and so on. These details might not seem much for some people, but they do mean something for web developers and people who make products that are based to run in most web browsers, such as commenting systems.
Today I wanted to share with you a website I ran into about 10 minutes ago. This website literally saves you minutes trying to find out all of this information manually. It tells you the following:

  • What browser and version of it is running
  • Your Operating System
  • Your monitors screen resolution
  • Your browser window's resolution
  • IP address
  • JavaScript Status
  • Flash Player Status
  • Cookie status
  • Color depth (such as 32 bits)
Sounds good, right? While this site does not offer everything, it certainly does offer more than enough of what you need to offer information in items such as support requests.

Once the page is done loading, you can even copy a data item by clicking on the item. You can export all of your data to a CSV (vintage!) file or a more standard PDF file. You can also share links to results and of course email results to people on your behalf.

I went ahead and took a screenshot of me loading up the page. As of this post, here is my Chrome settings. I blacked out my IP addresses, because....well....that is personal info.
I know, I know. I loaded this page when I was in Windows XP, not in Ubuntu.
If you have any thoughts on this, let me know of them below.