Friday, July 13, 2012

How is SnapChick turning out with the System76 Gazelle Professional (UPDATE: More videos added)

If you are a fan of Ubuntu (or Linux), you should have already known that fellow model and photographer SnapChick has been offered a challenge to try to use Ubuntu, as well as the Gazelle Professional's awesome power, to process her workflow. That workflow includes editing pictures and video, running her website, and doing other various things.
So far everything has been ok, with SnapChick releasing videos (about) every week. Below is some of her videos. Current videos include the unboxing, hardware close look, setup, etc. SnapChick also has released a video review, with 2 more videos on the way according to a reply to my initial tweet asking about any more videos.

(spaces to make sure videos embed properly)

The Unboxing: 

In this video, SnapChick unboxes the Gazelle, as well gives initial impressions on it (sort of).

The Setup:

In this video, SnapChick sets up her Gazelle Professional.

The Hardware:

In this video, SnapChick goes into detail (but not too much detail) about the hardware in the Gazelle.

The Review

In this video, SnapChick gives a "review" of the Gazelle Professional, and explains why she would recommend the Gazelle to other photographers.

Software Tour

In this video, SnapChick goes over parts of the Unity interface, talks about the software she is going to install, etc. Go here for more information. I personally recommend you full screen this video if you can, because this video was screen recorded from a 1080p resolution.

So for now, that is all of the videos. Like I said, she did say 2 more was coming out, so I'll (and probably the rest of the Ubuntu community) be looking forward to it.

Update: They are here.

SnapChick uses GIMP on Ubuntu

SnapChick uses Shotwell on Ubuntu 

Let me know of your thoughts below.