Sunday, June 24, 2012

My favorite Techno Artist: 009 Sound System

I am not sure if people remember or not about the posts I first posted when I first founded Techman's World in December of 2011. By the way, I was excited about making this blog, I had been working on getting one a few months before Techman's World was created.

Anyways, I talked about my favorite anti virus, favorite PlayStation podcast, and so on.

I am a geek. Very obvious. I have a technology centered life and website. I do listen to other types of music, such as old school rap (anyone know Slick Rick?), some rock, the 80's (I love the disco era, good music came out of that era), the 90's (in general), and very minor 40's. Bing Crosby's Swinging on a Star ring a bell to anyone?

Those music genres have multiple artists that fill up the genre. There are many artists in Techno/Electronic Music, but I only really listen to one artists (or project if that's the way you look at it) -- the 009 Sound System.

I love every song that has ever come out of the 009 Sound System, a first for me anyways.

009 Sound System was created by Alexander Perls. He has a field/career in music. His Wiki is below. (More content after the iframe)

I am a fan of his old style of 009 Sound System music (the original 009 Sound System album is an example), and his new style singles. I have taken the latest singles and made it into an album, called 009 Sound System New Singles for my personal liking.

One of 009 Sound System's songs "Dreamscape" has even been declared YouTube's national anthem by its community, because that song is in a lot of videos. I suggest you look into 009 Sound System if you are a fan of Electronic music/Techno, or just want to try something new.

By the way, does anyone want me to do more feature's of my personal likings?