Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Slight Logo Change

If you have not noticed, I have altered the sites logo just a little bit. I changed the color in the word "Techman's" from a darker and uglier green to a better and more better looking lighter green. Thanks to Gary Rumain for pointing it out.

Anyone want to know what I used to make the logo in the first place? Well I used a combination of Microsoft Paint and Promethean ActivInspire. I used Paint to get the back ground, and I typed the font in ActivInspire. I then just copied and pasted the text into a desktop annotate flipchart, and colored it. Then I moved the text on top of the background made in paint. Then I grabbed ActivInspire's camera tool and took a picture of it.

I know that it might sound a little hard and that I took too many steps to do it, I liked making the logo. I'm no Photoshop artist, and never will be one. In fact, I don't have Photoshop. I do have GIMP for Ubuntu, but I'm still learning that. Right now Microsoft Paint and Promethean ActivInspire do the trick just fine. I'm not a teacher, just a person that makes use of a very capable program. I have the professional edition of ActivInspire.

Anything else that might need to be adjusted in the logo? Thanks to all who helped. I do notice when people don't comment but like the pages through the like/dislike buttons on the comment threads, so don't think that I don't notice that.