Thursday, March 22, 2012

Like a post? Make sure you do this...

Hello readers. Just wanted to remind all of you what you should do when you like a post here. The first thing you should see below each blog post is the share buttons. An an image is below.
If you like an article, you can email it, Blog it, share on twitter, and share on facebook. The last thing is the Google +1 button. I recommend that when you like an article, as well as clicking on the Disqus like buttons. The +1 button also makes my posts show up even better on search engine results. Both give me feedback on what to post.

This was taken when I was signed in as a moderator, so the gear icon won't show up unless you are a moderator here.
So here is what the buttons mean on the Disqus toolbar. The like/dislike buttons let you choose if you like the comment thread/article. The little icon over with the number in it is the notifications button. The hold important messages such as when someone replies to your comment when you have received a new rank. The icon that has the two heads on it is the community box. Click on it to show community info for the commentors on this site. A screenshot can be found below.

On the left is the total comments and the most active members. The middle shows total likes and most liked members. On the right shows the total amount of people and the new faces of fellow new commentors. You can hover over their avatar for more info. 

Finally is the Disqus button. Over there you can access your Disqus dashboard, Edit your profile, logout of Disqus, and finally see About Disqus. Also, if you want to check out the status of Disqus, click here. Subscribe to their email updates to stay in the know on their status.

Again, you won't see the gear icon unless you are signed in as a moderator. Everything else will be visible to you.
If you want to contact us, email Were happy to answer questions. If emailing isn't you, just post a comment under any posts.