Wednesday, August 9, 2017

JRummy Apps, after being acquired by Maple Media, is pushing unsolicited advertisements to devices with Root Checker installed

Well, it didn't take long. After the recent announcement by Android Police stating that popular Android root utility app developer JRummy Apps have been acquired by a Chinese front-end firm Maple Media, based in San Francisco, the cancerous results have already found their way onto people's devices.

I noticed this today while running Genymotion on Redshift, running a virtual Nexus 9 tablet to play a mobile game on PC. Most already know that I already hate advertising in general, but stuff like this I find particularly annoying. It gives off a notification tone as well, which can be distracting depending on the area the user is in when it goes.

Fortunately, these in-app purchases are easily patched out using utilities such as Lucky Patcher, and patched APKs have already been distributed online, although trusting them may be tricky.