Sunday, August 18, 2013

System76 Lemur Ultra (lemu4) Unboxing

A few days ago I was sent a review unit of the Lemur Ultra, System76's lowest budget laptop. I unboxed it a few days ago but held off on posting on the unboxing post until now for reasons such as my birthday. Anyways, lets jump right into the unboxing.
This time around I was surprised about the actual package (the "shell" box that has the shipping label, ete tapped on) box the unit came in. It contained some interesting things I wanted to share.
Finally, we have a System76 logo on the package box :)
Finally, we have a System76 logo on the package box :)
First off, we have the System76 finally on the box. That was nice to see.
Some pretty inspiring text on the side of the package
Some pretty inspiring text on the side of the package :)
The above text I saw on the side of the box was really cool to me. Gives you a second to sit down and think about what you just read. I surely think that I can do something creative with a System76 laptop, what do you think?

Like I expected, there was also a box inside of the box that actually contained the notebook. Here's a look at that box.
Front view of the box actually containing the laptop
I'm certainly enjoying it :P
Top view of the box containing the laptop
Top view of the actual computer box. Very simple, and gets the job done.
The box came with the computer and charger, as well as some stickers and information about the review. Nothing else was inside of the box. The stickers were pretty cool; I might cover that in depth at a later time but for this post I don't have pictures of them.

The laptop is actually 14", a little smaller than most folks would expect. I was personally used to the size because I own and use a 14" laptop myself.
The Lemur Ultra with charger
Like the finish?
If you guys remember from my System76 Gazelle Professional review, I said I liked the design/finish on the laptop. The Lemur Ultra also has the same design/finish of the gazp7/8. Not sure about the design of the current Gazelle Professional though.

The next bit of photos will have captions on them to explain what the picture is about.
System76 Lemur Ultra Overhead-Angled view
System76 Lemur Ultra Overhead-Angled view.
System76 Lemur Ultra - keyboard view
Overhead keyboard view. The camera flash sort of got to this one too, but I deemed it suitable for use in this post.
Quick note: The Lemur Ultra 4 still uses an Ubuntu sticker on it's super key. No ETA on a model update to add a built in super key.
System76 Lemur Ultra left side view showing ports
Left side view of the laptop, showing the ports. This laptop surprisingly has VGA output support, which surprised me a little considering that VGA monitors are become a lot more outdated than they used to be.
System76 Lemur Ultra right side ports close up
System76 Lemur Ultra right side ports close up. The rest of the side is the CD drive and Kingston lock.
System76 Lemur Ultra touch pad up close. The dot to the top left is actually the microphone port, which disappointed me a little. I would think that the microphone would be up with the webcam, but not in this model at least. Maybe a future model can fix this problem.
That's pretty much it for this post. I'm debating whether I should write a first impressions post, although there will definitely be a full review post and might include first impression references if need be. Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

The full photo album can be viewed here. This contains photos that didn't quite make the cut into this post, or I just didn't simply feel like adding.