Saturday, December 8, 2012

Blogger now using HTTPS, for me at least

Blogger Logo
I was loading up my Blogger dashboard today to create a post about Google Apps not being free anymore, but right as I was about to write that post, I decided to write this instead.

While looking at my URL bar, I noticed that the URL that was loaded was a HTTPS one. For those that didn't know HTTPS was only on the login portions of Blogger, basically the Google login system. If you tried to visit, you would be redirected to the normal http version of the page.

For those that need proof, here is some below. I am not sure if other users are seeing this but for me at least, I am using Blogger via HTTPS now :).
Blogger post URL shown using HTTPS
I was using Mozilla Firefox on my XP install to take this; I uninstalled Chrome on XP because it's auto updates really irratated me and my old CPU probably shouldn't be handling the amount of resources that auto-updating takes.

This is a nice improvement because with HTTPS your data is being sent though an encrypted connection between you and Google's servers. This can stop those who want to intercept your posts though an unsecure connection such as public WiFi as well, if that kind of stuff bothers you.