Thursday, November 22, 2012

[Opinion] Disqus, here's how to make Discovery Analytics better

Yesterday I made an article about Ecommerce Affiliate Linking, which made me think about something different today. I talked about Discovery before, the box at the bottom of Disqus 2012 comment embeds that provides links to the publisher's content or sponsored links to other places around the web, with all of them being  (hopefully) relevant.

With the addition of the discovery box, you also get Discovery analytics. These allow you to see the number of referrals from another website to your website though Discovery, how much you have earned from your visitors clicking links to another website from discovery, and the display box on how to make money too if you don't have Promoted Discovery enabled, with in Techman's World's case, we don't.
One thing that is not covered that much in detail, in my opinion, is the actual sites that link to your pages in the discovery box. Sure, for my analytics right now I have 4 referrals from websites across the web, but you can't actually see the sites and the pages themselves that brought visitors there.

Allowing you to see what sites referred their visitors to yours could act, in a sense, like reverse discovery. How it works is simple. Your discovery box could refer someone to another site though promoted discovery, but in return the person who is getting traffic can see what site is bringing visitors. That person can visit those sites, therefore allowing you to discover the referring site.

Of course it is not up to me to tell Disqus what to do, or how to run their business, but I hope someone considers this idea. Disqus is all about engaging the Internet in meaningful conversations, and the discovery box does help achieve the goal. My idea, however, is to make the discovery box work both ways.

But of course, the website that is getting all of the referrals can use their favorite analytics technology to see what sites are referring to them, but sometimes using that is not ideal and if the referrals are very little, like in my situation, they might not even be listed in a broader view. This is why I am thinking of the idea of Disqus recording this for us. If you agree with me, or have an idea of your own, feel free to post in the comments. Naturally Disqus does respect everyone's opinion and loves constructive criticism, as well as ideas. Hopefully their design department can read on this and offer their input in the comments as well.