Thursday, October 11, 2012

Annoucement: Redesign Needed?

Dear readers,

Today I am writing to you today to ask you all a simple question: do you think the site should be redesigned? Recently I have gotten requests/tips from some more experienced web developers on the internet, and they are all saying that I should redesign my site with a more professional look. I'm guessing that it might be time to ask the community of their input.

Right now I'm not changing anything, but I will say that I am looking into possible templates that I can use. The current template is a bit spaced out, and it has problems working correctly in Internet Explorer. IE8 support is decent, but not good enough. IE9 support is shot. I can't even test IE10 support because I don't own a Windows 8 preview build, even to put into a VM because my computer is old (and I could really use a replacement, but that is another time and blog post). So even if I did not change my template for visual reasons, It would still be better because I can most likely escape the issues that I am getting.
Should the community decide to look more into/favor a change, I'll start first by conjuring up some templates in the template editor, and then uploading screenshots to reflect my recent designs. I can even integrate a voting system (poll) corresponding with the images uploaded.

As for my background, what do you guys think on that? I have heard complaints that my background is too bright, or otherwise the contrast is not as good. I'm working on getting a higher quality version of that image, and I could possibly add a few tints to the image to make it a bit darker without really affecting the color. I personally love that background image, as it has been my image for this blog since its founding back in December of 2011. Speaking of that, our aniversary is creeping around the corner. Anyone remember the exact birth date (first post)? I might possibly reward who can figure it out.

Now it is your turn to weigh in. I know that I get some viewers that don't always comment, but your thoughts are welcomed. You never know, you could (directly even) be responsible for making Techman's World a better place, as this is really a community driven site. I try not to take control of things too much, and I don't want to if I really don't have to.