Monday, October 15, 2012

900 posts!

It's. that time again....time for another 100 post update. Not much has happened in this change, except the recent domain migrations that I made. I'm not sure if I covered that in another "xxx posts!" article, so I'm mentioning it here just in case.

One thing that I am working on, though, is the template. Right now there is a terrible IE problem with the template, and it applies to IE9. I have a meta tag to load the page in IE8 compatibility view, and yet the site still breaks. Something on the page is messing up the page render settings, so it can most of the time make all of the widget borders turn purple and hide iframes, or at least turn iframes to the color white. Because of this, as well as some more feedback, I was considering changing the template anyways. I tried a simple template yesterday, and It was only live on the site for about 2 minutes at the most. The template did not contain a <div id="comments"> section, so Disqus could not be embedded into normal posts. To fix this, I simply uploaded a template backup that I made earlier before making changes. Smart move on my part.

Wow...Techman's World is really getting old. It is quickly arriving its 1000th post, and of course when Techman's World has its 1 year anniversary in December. I currently do not know what to do to celebrate, but that is another time for me to think about that.

Other then template changes, and the domain migrations, nothing much else has happened. Oh -- I did update the page bar. I'll be making a few more changes to make all site social features visible, or at least known in a better matter.

Anyways...happy reading!