Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weird traffic..from a YouTube video? :|

You know, I was looking at my stats via my Blogger Dashboard, and found this YouTube video. I have no idea why I am getting this video, but it has already racked up 24 page views. I went ahead to the video page, and it seems like nothing a Grand Theft Auto video. I did find something though, a person wrote in saying the poster said that he has no idea how this video got spammed to blogs, and he apologizes if anyone is affected by this.

Here is a pic below showing the traffic listing, as well as other traffic stats. You can see many referrals are from Disqus 2012. The iframe URL has changed from to if you were wondering about that. Now all Disqus has to do is change the login stuff for the embed from and disqus/next/register to something different. Disqus 2012 was originally called Disqus Next if you were wondering about that too.
Look at the second item in the list.