Sunday, September 23, 2012

Question to the Community Regarding Disqus

Everyone on this blog knows about Disqus. They power the comments here. I am also a big user of them, and I send them bug reports and other stuff to help improve their products. I have one question for all of you, and I truly encourage all of you to answer, either in the comments or in the survey.

Disqus 2012 offers many new features, and has been revamped for the future if you put it that way. It has a clean interface, less UI clutter, and it focuses on one thing - comments! One thing in the new Disqus that I absolutely HATE is the lack of CSS support.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is a way of styling HTML elements on a page. CSS is what made my old embed here look unique, and I loved the customizations as much as you did. That was all lost when I switched to Disqus 2012, as it has no support for CSS, at least for now anyways. One main reason why there is no natural CSS support is because Disqus 2012 is embedded inside of a iframe. If you did not know, you can not target items inside of a frame with CSS, at least not now with today's CSS standards.

I'm not going to switch to Disqus classic just yet, but before I do anything, I want to know what the community thinks of all of this. I know many of you are site/blog owners as well, and love that I have a good community here that likes to help out a lot.

Even if I don't switch, this poll is a very good point of data that I will submit to them, probably to show that users care.

And in real life, it is not that hard to add CSS support. Probably 1 or two lines of code at the most to make a simple call - using the Disqus API (most likely) - to find and load a user's CSS file.

So if you can, please vote in the poll below. If you can, you can also comment.
Update: Here is some snapshots to show you the difference.
Oh and in the classic picture, I am fixing the font settings for the embed.