Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Disqus 2012 adds image upload support

Hello everyone, just wanted to point out a new feature that came to Disqus 2012 (my comment system installed here) right about now. Image upload support was promised, and despite being a few days late, its here!
So to upload images, just click the photo button to the right of the post as (username/real name) button. As you can see, it is available for the main post box, as well for reply comments (which is sorta expected, but I showed a reply box anyways). You can also drag and drop images from your computer, which is new for Disqus 2012 because this was not available in the classic Disqus. You can see a picture of it below.
[Space Between Images]

Once again, thanks to the Disqus team for making such an amazing product. Let me know of your thoughts below...in the updated comment thread :).