Monday, March 26, 2012

Slight Comment Changes

Hello all. Just wanted to announce some slight changes that are going on with the comments. I have been experimenting with something called CSS (Click to read about it on Wikipedia). Disqus is insanely flexible, and I have said that many of times. You are allowed to use custom CSS rules to adjust your system however you like.

So I have altered the comments slightly over the past few days, and today, and want to announce it.

  • Comment Headers-This is where most of the changes are. You now see that the Disqus commenter names are a slight gray color, and are no longer clickable if you are using a standards supporting browser (yes IE, I am calling you out). This is due to the amount of comments slipping by because the spammers or bots are posting the spam links in the name field, where you used to click to go to the users listed website. There is one easy fix to this without having to add some code, just to turn guest commenting off. This would affect community interaction in my opinion, but would not help much, as the spammers/bots are using registered accounts. So now the header is a new grayish color, the hyperlink is no longer active, and the font size is 10pt.

  • Disqus Comment Body-There was a few changes here, mostly about the interface. The a:hover links (such as the like/edit, reply, time posted/replied from comment if the comment was a reply, and the moderate link (mods only) now changes to a black color when your cursor hovers over the link. The pointer:default still says the same. This black changing color does not transfer to other a:hover links, such as the logout link. The custom CSS has the dsq-comment-body class in it, so it does not apply to everything if any techies out there wanted to a little deeper and wanted an explainiation.
And that is just about it. I'll post any more comment changes here if I do any more changes for now. If you would like to provide feedback here about the comments, go ahead and post a  comment below any article or contact me with the content info provided at the bottom of the page.