Saturday, April 2, 2016

An update on Redshift

It's been a while since I've made a post here, so I thought I'd sit down for a few minutes and talk about the status of Redshift.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Samsung 850 EVO 250GB Unboxing

Along with the WiFi card (unboxing coming soon) and the 6600K unboxing, I also purchased a 250 GB 850 EVO (or 'Evo', really) for a mere $54. I was able to get a really good deal on a brand new one, as well!

To be fair, this is actually my first experience with an SSD. I wanted to get my hands on what most would consider to be the best brand for consumer-level SSDs at the moment. Thus, welcome to the 850 Evo.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Intel Core i5 6600K unboxing, and some overclocking discussion

Although I originally set the bar high in terms of getting a CPU for Redshift by aiming for a 6700K, I finally managed to secure a 6600K for the build. The good news, though, is that it wasn't sponsored! In fact, it was a combination of donations from people like you, and some of my own money.

Nevertheless, let's get right into the unboxing.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

It's the final push! Donate now, and Redshift will be done soon!

It's been a wild week. Due to some donors and close friends of mine, Redshift is almost finished. There's only one part left, and I'm reaching out to the rest of the community to see if you folks can help make the last part a reality.

Do you want to donate? It would be really appreciated!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Name & Shame: The mod team of /r/HardwareSwap

/r/HardwareSwap Logo
Another hurdle for Redshift? Why am I not surprised...

This post is about my recent (unexpected) confrontation with the mod team of the Reddit /r/HardwareSwap community. For those that are unaware, /r/hardwareswap is labeled as a place where Reddit users can sell, trade, and/or buy used hardware from other Reddit users. Payment services such as PayPal are often used here to help secure transactions, and handle disputes when people get scammed.

Friday, February 19, 2016

[Tutorial] Using Locker on Android to secure your device against excessive lock screen password attempts

Locker App Logo
With Apple vs the FBI in the news lately, I wanted to make this post to highlight an app on Android that I believe is easily overlooked, but is actually one of the better (non-root) tools available on Android today. That, my friends, is Locker. In 2 minutes or less, the security of your device can be increased immensely, depending on your preferences.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What's your stance on Intel forcefully disabling non-K BCLK overclocking?

Besides Intel's Name & Shame post, I've also wanted to talk a bit about what they've been doing recently with their anti-consumer practices. What I'm talking about, indeed, is Intel issuing a microcode update (as well as forcing motherboard vendors) to essentially prevent the overclocking of non-K SKUd processors.

Name & Shame: Intel's marketing department, and customer support

Intel logo
In a previous post, I went into detail the progress of my sponsorships. One vendor that I've carelessly left out is Intel.

Of course, Intel's sponsorship of the Redshift project is much desired, but it quickly appeared so that it wasn't going to be the case. It's a gross understatement when I say that the conversations that I have had with Intel are "not good".

The reason why this post exists is to highlight the sheer amount of lies and lip service that I've gotten over the past few days. Included in this post, is a lot of what Intel has said in response to the numerous emails I've sent them. Some of the content of these emails will not be shown publicly due to my personal information being attached, but otherwise everything else is provided. That being said, let's get right into it. This post is going to be very large and heavy on your browser's ability to render PDFs, so be wary.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Dispelling some misconceptions about Redshift

Over the past few days of contacting more individuals than companies, I've ran into some constructive criticism about the project. I decided to make this post to answer some questions about Redshift, as well as highlight some of the comments that I would consider to be downright hateful.

I'd also like to take the time to thank some folks on Techtronix as well for giving me advice, especially pitastrudl for his advice on seeking sponsors and behavioral-type things. That being said, let's continue into the post.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

New donations page launched

In an effort to streamline and group together the numerous methods for donating to Techman's World, I've created a donation page, available in the tab bar at the top of the page. I can update the page at any time to add or remove donation options, and I'll make a note to make an announcement when I make changes.