Universal Policies

Techman's World is considered to be a safe place where everyone is welcome. The site focuses on technology and topics surrounding and/or relating to it. Of course, everyone on the site should be mature enough to follow these rules, but for those that don't I must write down rules that must be followed.

This is Techman's World universal policies.

  • Don't do anything illegal -- This should be a no-brainer.
  • No spamming - If you do, you'll be warned and banned, but most likely banned depending on how dire the situation is.
  • Be Polite - Treat others with some kind of respect. If you don't want to be made fun of etc, then don't do something first.
  • No name calling - If someone is bothering you then you need to address me or the other operator in the chat room if you are in the chat.
  • No sexist/racist/(insert group of people here) comments - This can get you banned. Techman's World does not tolerate the attacking of gender or any ethnic group.
Regarding links, if you want to drop a link into a comment make sure it's relevant to the page topic. It does not matter if it is your personal site or not. Keep in mind though that links in comments are tagged with rel="nofollow". This means that search engines will be instructed to not crawl the link. This is primarily a spam protection move, but I do understand that in some situations site links deserve to be crawled to. Take this up with Disqus.

Note that this page can be updated at any time. Usually, a warning bar will be placed at the top of a site, or a post will be made. If something is not in this policy and you think it should be added, then you should contact me using email or the contact form.