Guest Post Rules

Well after Techman's World getting its first guest post, I thought that I might as well as set up some rules/guidelines for creating guest posts. Below are some rules.
  1. Do NOT plagiarize. I'm really serious about this. Publishers that create their own content do not appreciate people copying their work. I don't need to have notices from publishers, so just do a good deed and submit original content.
  2. You are welcome to make posts, and include a link to your website as a author link. However, do not be excessive in linking to your site. If the content is relevant, then I'll accept it.
  3. When you make a guest post, please do your best to put your “heart” into it. What I mean by that is try to create your own style, and put effort into it to make the post unique. And always, do your best. You could end up being a full time writer (but unpaid for now, because my site is still growing slowly, and I have not set up any source of revenue for the site) if your work is consistently good, and you really do have a passion for being a part of Techman's World.
For now, those are some of the main points. Now is some info on how to contact me.

If you are interested....
You can email me using one of the addresses on the about page, with the subject as "Guest Post". You can also use the contact form, which is more preferred and simpler to use. Either way I should get back to within two days maximum.

If you want to ask a question right now, you can do so by leaving a comment in the comments section below.

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