Friday, December 18, 2020

Techman's World Turns 9! 🎂🎉

Even though I don't post a lot, following annual tradition I'd like to announce that this site is now a whopping 9 years old! I can remember the birth of this place like it happened yesterday...I was awake around 1:22 AM fooling around on the internet on how to make my own blog/website, and I eventually started Techman's World on the Blogger platform. That said, every 18th of December adds another notch to the metaphorical rope that is the life of Techman's World.

This year...I didn't do a whole lot of anything on the website, unfortunately. I suppose with how occupied my time usually is on a daily basis and still not finding the drive to write about a lot of things, I simply decided to not write anything at all. Hopefully things will be slightly better next year.

I did end up writing one small thing about a video game I play, Destiny 2, on Reddit. However, it isn't typically the stuff that I post here, despite it being my personal blog. It didn't quite break the 1,000 upvote mark, but it came decently close. It was a post with additional comments regarding sunsetting in Destiny 2, mostly in response to Bungie's "Rewards" post.

For those who keep up with my blog or even keep it around in your RSS feed, thanks.