Monday, December 18, 2017

Techman's World Turns 6! 🎂🎉

Even though I don't post a lot, following annual tradition I'd like to announce that this site is now a whopping 6 years old! I can remember the birth of this place like it happened yesterday...I was awake around 1:22 AM fooling around on the internet on how to make my own blog/website, and I eventually started Techman's World on the Blogger platform. That said, every 18th of December adds another notch to the metaphorical rope that is the life of Techman's World.

However, there are some sad things to note about this time. 2017 has been the slowest year on the site in its history, and it's been on a steady decline ever since its beginning. The reasoning behind all of this is virtually the same as what I said last year: writer's block, lack of product reviews, technology desensitization, etc.

I do have some stuff in the works, but there's no telling when I'll actually complete it. I have tutorials in the works for migrating from LastPass to KeePass, and a few Name & Shame posts on terrible hosting companies (such as HostSailor) and marketing companies alike, the latter of which continues to send junk to my inbox and are quite rude when told that I'm not interested.

As always, I'm active on IRC, and especially Techtronix. Instructions for dropping into the network lounge and saying hello can be found here.