Sunday, May 8, 2016

So, what other antivirus products should I take a look at?

With the recent success of doing an in depth look on Sophos Home, it's got me thinking: What about other antivirus products? Well, I'm making this post to day to ask fellow (quiet!) members of the Techman's World community go ahead and shoot me suggestions on what I should look at next.

I didn't do a formal antivirus test with Sophos Home in the last post, but I did conduct an informal one a few hours after the post was submitted. I'm working on doing a recorded video for antivirus test videos, but my internet connection is slow (.5 mbps up), so doing videos is a time consuming task. I'm also not really good at video editing; some nice free (and hopefully open source) video editor suggestions that run on Windows would also be greatly appreciated.

I use VirtualBox for doing VM-related tasks, so if any of you folks have some tips on doing screen recording, feel free to shoot me an email or something. It's my ultimate goal to produce content that readers want to see.