Sunday, May 8, 2016

Redshift: Help fund the final piece

If you've visited the site very recently, you'll notice that I have a new widget in the right sidebar.

Due to the advice of someone on Techtronix, I've now decided to open up a GoFundMe page to raise the funds needed to get the last part for Redshift: the GPU. Below the fold, the same story that I submitted to GoFundMe is available.

If you haven't donated before, or already have and wish to donate again, please donate to the GoFundMe campaign. Thank you!

Redshift is the current project going on at Techman's World , which is a website that I run that's dedicated to providing technology news, reviews, opinions, and beyond.

The last part needed for the project is a GPU, or graphics processing unit. I intend to use this final piece of the puzzle to explore various multimedia activities.

I'm trying to raise $150 to help make this a reality, and complete the project. When this part is purchased and installed, a final build article about Redshift will be submitted to the website. This post will include coverage of the build process, overviews/reviews of individual parts, giving of thanks for individual donors, and more. I'll also thank GoFundMe donors.

I'm trying to secure these funds as fast as possible, as the project has been running for over 6 months without any sign of completion.