Saturday, February 27, 2016

It's the final push! Donate now, and Redshift will be done soon!

It's been a wild week. Due to some donors and close friends of mine, Redshift is almost finished. There's only one part left, and I'm reaching out to the rest of the community to see if you folks can help make the last part a reality.

Do you want to donate? It would be really appreciated!

An AMD R9 380(X)

As seen in the PCPartPicker part list, the only part left is the video card. I currently have a very cost-effective XFX R9 380X listed, and this is probably the card that I will be going with.

For ~$233 USD, it's a great value. Originally, I considered having a MSI R9 390 in this build, but it's expensive and not really that cost-effective. Although aesthetics are nice, price to performance is what matters most to me. The XFX R9 380X is the same price as a normal MSI R9 380, so you folks can easily see where my decision went.

I have plenty of options for everyone to chip in on the project. Remember, donors and sponsors do get their own individual mentions in the final build post, which hopefully will be sooner rather than later.

I encourage everyone to pitch in and donate, to help finish the project!