Saturday, January 16, 2016

The grind for an Intel Core i5 6600K

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It's been a while since I've really spoke much about the status of Redshift, but I've spoken about it a little on the Techtronix IRC. This post is about what I'm trying to do to get my hands on a 6600K, the last thing I need in this build to get Redshift to POST, and to move further with doing a full review of the system on Techman's World when it's finished.

Freelance Work

For a while now I've actually tried to get myself some freelance work over on, but I've come to a conclusion that this website is ultimately ineffective if you're looking to find work. There's a hefty sum that you have to invest in this site in order for you to get hired by people. Former user Kadynce also recommend that I take a look at Guru as an alternative to Freelancer, but I've discovered that their business models are largely the same. They make money not only off of actual payments made to freelancers, but these "skill tests" that are basically required to even be considered for most jobs.

I haven't found many other websites for people looking for freelance work that don't contain some kind of business model similar to those already mentioned. Really though, charging for skill tests is low. People who don't have money to invest in these tests are just simply screwed over.


The other type of help I'm looking into getting are some sponsors. So far I've tried reaching out to Intel, but they currently don't have any CPUs available to send out right now. I've also tried to reach out to PC-centric retail stores such as SuperBiiz and OutletPC, and so far I haven't seen much of a response from them either.

Sponsors are one of those things that I haven't quite looked into that much, really. They definitely are worthwhile to the folks who have large audiences, but I've reach out to a few well-knowns nonetheless to see if they are interested in supporting some of the smaller bloggers and YouTube personalities on the internet.

The Goal

The ultimate goal of this grind is, of course, to get a 6600K. It quite literally IS the last thing I need for now to get the system to post, and currently I'm in a hard situation to get it taken care of. Finding freelance work isn't working out, and potential sponsors may be out of reach. I'd really love to finish this build for you guys, because I've talked about it so much recently. The last thing that I would want to do is let all of you down by not finishing the build when I've already come this far. The Skylake inflation doesn't help.

Some users have contacted me (via the contact form) and mentioned something about donation links and Patreon; I'll look into those options as I move forward. My priority right now is to get a working system so I can do other projects, as right now I'm fixed to a mediocre Intel Celeron chip.

Those who have been here for a while might actually remember when I used to use a single-core Toshiba M55 S139. It too had a Intel Celeron chip inside, the Celeron M 380. My old laptop's spec sheet is available here.