Saturday, January 30, 2016

Do you spend this much on GTA Online Shark Cards?

Source: /r/GrandTheftAutoV
An interesting post on the /r/GrandTheftAutoV subreddit caught my attention today, and I thought it was worth discussing here on Techman's World. The topic, as the title already dictates, is about "Shark Cards", and exactly how much players really spend on them.

/u/3029064 submitted a post to /r/GrandTheftAutoV today titled "How much have you spent on Shark Cards?" It's actually a link-based submission, that points to a Straw Poll. Before I get into how much I've spent on Shark Cards in my time playing GTA Online, I want to go ahead and embed the poll so that you can vote for yourselves.

In my time playing GTA Online, I've spent $20 worth on Shark Cards. The reason? Well, I bought the card so I can have enough cash to purchase the Annihilator attack helicopter. Flying the Annihilator chopper was one of my most favorite things to do in GTA 4, and I really couldn't wait to start flying it again in this game, once I got it.

The Annihilator was worth the buy in my opinion, but I quickly realized that the Buzzard Attack Chopper was actually the better buy after the fact. I still enjoy doing helicopter dogfights, as long as there aren't any rockets involved. Annihilator can still melt through aircraft very quickly. In fact, it's a lot faster than the Buzzard's miniguns.

The results of the poll (so far) is very surprising to me. According to the results, people either spent no money on GTA Online Shark Cards, or spent over $100 on them. That's really surprising to me because you already spend $60 on the game. So you've spent $160+ on GTA V? I hope it was worth it, the folks who did this.