Saturday, October 3, 2015

Getting marked as a 'bad sport' in GTA Online is horrific

GTA Online is probably one of the greatest things to ever happen for GTA and Rockstar games as a whole. However, there's one very specific component about it that I hate: the bad sport system.

Bad sports are players that cause a lot of personal damage in GTA Online. They destroy player's personal vehicles, grief players, and otherwise give them a hard time to make their gameplay experience...not the greatest.

Bad sport lobbies are a way to separate those kinds of players from the rest of the population, but at the same time, bad sport lobbies are also the place where cheaters/hackers/modders are sent to. Do you see the issue I'm having with this already?

2 days ago, I was marked as a bad sport after destroying a few player's vehicles using a military jet. While that in itself is probably justified, I don't think it's fair to get shoved into the pool of players where hackers reside.

In my first few hours of playing in a bad sport lobby, I can honestly say that it's miserable. Nobody plays the missions/jobs, and nobody does heists. It's just a gigantic mess in freemode. While being marked as a bad sport you can't join any jobs or heists that a regular player puts out, which is a little confusing because you still get sent the invite whether you are a bad sport or not. Rockstar should probably fix this, but in doing so, you'd probably get no notifications at all, making GTA Online as a bad sport all the more boring than it actually is.

You thought skilled people in jets were the cancer of this game? Hop into a bad sport lobby. You'll see what a real cancer to the game some people are. At any time while being in a bad sport lobby I can almost promise you that there's at least 1 person in a fighter jet. There's a high possibility that there will be more, and there will be dogfights all over the place, as well as griefing.

If it's not people in jets, it's people in the streets. Street fights happen all the time in normal lobbies, but in bad sport lobbies, it feels so much more toxic to me. People do annoying things such as planting C4 or mines, and then run away just for you to walk into it. People will pull out their lock-on launchers and destroy your car over and over, no matter what the cost because almost everyone in there has hundreds of millions of dollars, or they are a modder themselves and can instantly give themselves more money.

Cheaters are sent to this type of lobby. As such, you can't report them. If they blow you up, spawn you inside the prison cell, or otherwise do something to make you unable to play the game, your only option is to find another lobby. Voting to kick them is about as useless as doing nothing at all. You need a lot of people to vote to kick someone out a lobby for something to actually happen, and there's a good chance that everyone will act against you due to the general GTA mentality anyways.

There's a never-ending supply of trash talkers as well. In a bad sport lobby, you'll find the sweatiest scrubs on planet Earth. You thought folks who camped in Black Ops 2 were bad? Come to a bad sport lobby in GTA Online. It's absolutely terrible. Most of them are social degenerates as well, with no lives. Destroying people in the only thing they have a sense of belonging to is what they do for how many hours a day. They go straight to school (unless they are grown men, which is even worse), straight home, and play GTA until they pass out.

Solutions? I don't know of any. I really wish that the entire "bad sport" system was revamped. You can create matchmaking to stick players in lobbies with more destructive people like themselves, and keep cheaters in their own separate pool. It's not worth playing GTA Online if you're marked as a bad sport, because it's a massive waste of time. There's no longer room to have fun.

My best recommendation is that if you're marked as a bad sport in GTA, don't even bother playing the game until your time runs out. Find something else to play.