Sunday, September 27, 2015

Updated notes on Redshift

As you folks might recall, I discussed my project to build my own PC a few weeks ago. Here's a revised post where I wanted to discuss a few things that have happened since then, and discuss my revised PCPartPicker list, because I did make a few changes. Redshift is going to be the name of my PC build. I have no idea what the reference is behind it, but it was a name given to me by fellow community member PikachuInTheShower on the IRC, and I've stuck with it.

  1. Chipset changed to Z170 (Skylake - onward)
  2. CPU changed to 6600k (i5 Skylake equivalent)
  3. RAM changed to DDR4
  4. Extra case fans added
  5. Graphics card changed to Radeon R9 380
Alright, so here's the biggest change that I've made: I decided to get my hardware that's dated from today onward. The old build was based off of Z97 and the LGA 1150 CPU socket. I've decided to move to Z170 and the complementary LGA 1151 CPU socket, which meant that I had to change the CPU and board. When I did that previous PCPP list, I wasn't keeping the new Skylake launch in mind. I quickly and sadly realized that if I wanted to get the latest CPU, I was going to have to upgrade to a compatible board as well. I don't actually know why Intel decided to go with a new socket this time around, because technically the Skylake CPUs are backwards compatible with DDR3 memory. Perhaps it's just Intel trying to move technology forward, or they are just trying to get some extra money. Along with the new board, I got an updated CPU and moved to DDR4 memory.

As for case fans, I decided to get an extra fan to mount a total of 2 120mm fans up at the top of the case. I am also considering purchasing another 140mm Corsair SP red fan for the intake, so I can have that maxed as well. All of these extra fans. I'll have a total of 4 fans in this case, and my board only has 3 system fan headers. I'll have to figure that out.

On the graphics side of things, I changed my card from a MSI GeForce GTX 960 to a MSI Radeon R9 380, due to the performance-to-dollar ratio. A lot of folks knock AMD for their graphics, but they do hold the title for dominating the mid-range graphics market. At the price of the 380, it out-performs the 960. Simple as that.

I'm still hoping to have this all done by Christmas, with the money I'm putting towards it on the side. Let's all hope that I can get it done by that time, or just a tad after.