Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sippin' the Kool-Aid

Man oh man, the Internet and the whole world it seems has been really sippin' on some freak juice. That is, "Kool-Aid" for the inside jokesters.


So, let's talk about GitHub's new policies for a second. Of course we all know that they're all pro-feminists (did the women within GitHub sleep their way to the top?), but did you folks notice some of the even more bizarre stuff in the new policies? So I was talking with reacher on TeamSpeak about GitHub's new policies, and some of the stuff he's pointed out really bothers me. I'm not going to bother paraphrasing this so I'm going to just copy and paste the IRC chat. We spent more time talking about this on the actual TeamSpeak server, though.

6:01:50 PM <~Techman> man
6:01:59 PM <~Techman> GitHub's new policies are complete bullshit
6:05:16 PM <runo> why?
6:06:18 PM <ElinKattunge> Techman, Why?
6:06:27 PM <~Techman> Pro feminist
6:06:37 PM <~Techman> Reverse racism crap
6:06:38 PM <~Techman> etc
6:06:48 PM <runo> Reverse racism?
6:06:56 PM <~Techman> reacher: explain reverse racism please
6:07:43 PM <+reacher> racism toward the dominant race usually
6:08:00 PM <+reacher> i.e racism toward whites
6:08:09 PM <ElinKattunge> Fuck sake...
6:08:13 PM <runo> oh where I come from we call that racism
6:08:16 PM <ElinKattunge> All racism is the same!
6:08:18 PM <+reacher> but its ironic af
6:08:51 PM <ElinKattunge> If I am racist to a white person, it is no different than being racist to a black person...
6:08:51 PM <+reacher> it gets worse..... github banned words related to physical contact such as hug
6:09:20 PM <+reacher> you have to get CONSENT to mention physical contact
6:12:12 PM <ElinKattunge> reacher, What else did they ban?
6:12:48 PM <+reacher> you have to address people by their chosen gender. which inclues faux genders like fox-kin
6:13:00 PM <+reacher> seriously
First off, I think this is rather unfair towards white people. According to this policy white people can't be racist towards others but it's perfectly file for other races to be racist against whites. Makes no sense. The second thing about this is the comment about physical contact. So you have to ask someone for permission before saying stuff like "hug", etc in their context? What?

Oh, and the gender stuff. Anyone can identify as anything and you have to accept that, as well as respect it, or you get banned from GitHub. So it's either their way or the highway. You can't have a dissenting opinion, and if you do, you face getting banned from GitHub. Personally I don't think these policies will last very long, especially if GitHub's corporate partners take offense to this. I certainly would, anyways. If I hosted anything serious on GitHub I'd either move to Bitbucket or to my own GitLab instance. By the way, does any of this pro-feminist nonsense sound a whole lot like what's going on at Reddit with these "SJWs" (Social Justice Warriors)? Yeah, they're sippin' the Kool-Aid too. They all are.


Aye, so Reddit is in the news again? Shocker! This time around, Reddit has banned /r/CoonTown, a pretty racist sub. Previously though, /u/spez has said himself that Reddit is working on a quarantine system for communities he doesn't want to support. However, this seems to no longer be the case. Here's a good thread from Voat about this.

Basically what has happened here is more nonsense: Reddit, before the content policy update, had nothing in place that disallowed something like /r/CoonTown. So what they did was write in a rule about subs like that, and then promptly banned them. Yep. They wrote a rule as they were banning folks.

Here's also something interesting though. Look at what /u/go1dfish writes:

Fuck the advertisers. If you want to nuke reddit from orbit you do this same thing but you send it to Amazon AWS (Their web host) instead:
Fight fire with fire.
Offensive Content. Content that is defamatory, obscene, abusive, invasive of privacy, or otherwise objectionable, including content that constitutes child pornography, relates to bestiality, or depicts non-consensual sex acts.
Their quarantine policy explicitly admits that they knowingly host offensive content.
So according to what go1dfish says, Reddit can actually be nuked off of Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services), but I highly doubt that will happen. Amazon makes a lot of money off of Reddit hosting their content using their infrastructure, and I'm almost sure they're drinking the Kool-Aid as well. Money talks, as well as whatever this freak juice is, folks.

Personally, I wish people found something better to do with their lives then causing all of this commotion on the Internet. I don't think the Internet was ever created to be a soap opera, right?