Thursday, August 6, 2015

Donald Trump completely destroys NBC in this interview

Donald Trump certainly has been creating a lot of controversy in the press lately, for one reason or another. Part of the problem is that the press can't seem to get a handle on Donald Trump, because he isn't a puppet and he also doesn't need anyone's money. Donald Trump speaks his mind, and that's one thing I do like about him. However that doesn't mean that I support Donald Trump. I keep political views mostly off of here, after all.

In the YouTube embed below, you'll see that it's an interview that NBC did with Donald Trump. I'm not asking anyone to watch the whole thing, but there's some things you should notice about the video.
  1. Donald Trump completely runs over the reporter
  2. Donald Trump speaks his mind
  3. Donald Trump answers questions the way HE wants to -- he doesn't change answers either
  4. The reporter gets increasingly frustrated as the interview progresses on
  5. NBC and the media as a whole can't get a hold on Donald Trump
  6. Donald Trump can't be tamed
It's rather amazing that NBC even decided to post this video online. I'm not sure what the motive was behind this, but from my perspective it's just NBC getting destroyed. What an embarrassment.