Sunday, April 26, 2015

Giving Scrollback a try

If you visit this post or anything else on this site, you'll see a new widget to the bottom right of your screen: Scrollback.

For those that don't know, It's a new chat platform. The reason why it's important to me, though, is because it offers IRC integration. By expanding the widget and typing something in the box and pressing enter, you are directly inserted into the chat. Before you join you can still see the recent chat history though, because there's a bot that sits in the lounge channel that collects the backlogs.

Your IP is never exposed through the service because clients connecting on your behalf come from Scrollback servers, instead of your PC. So, give it a try if you want! As for the normal live chat page, I'll still use the Kiwi widget. I'll just add some code into the site to hide the Scrollback widget when you're looking at that page.