Sunday, December 28, 2014

What I've been doing this holiday season

It doesn't take much to notice that I've been busy lately, noted by my lack of posting here over the past few weeks. I'm not keeping everyone in the dark about what I've been doing, so here is this post outlining how come I haven't been posting here a lot.

First off, I have been busy lately with the holiday season. I've spent a lot more time with my family this time around than in previous holiday seasons. Therefore, I've given them more attention than keeping up with my computer.

Second, I've been very mobile lately. Because of the lack of time from spending time with family, friends, etc, I also have been very out-and-about lately. I haven't spent much time actually sitting at my desk at all in the past few months. I did get myself a OnePlus One back in November, and I have been using that phone ever since. I still have all of the posts about that phone almost ready to be submitted anyways but they still need to be proofread and edited for any noticeable grammatical errors.

With that being said, I also wanted to pause for a sec and wish this site a happy birthday! Back on December 18, the site turned a whopping 3 years old! I didn't write about that day in its own post because I've been very busy lately, but I didn't forget. For those that keep up with the site's age, good for you, because It's not something I actively keep close track of :P

And with those few paragraphs, I'm wrapping up this post. I'll get the some of the other OnePlus One posts out when I have some more time at my desk. Until then, you are all welcome to pop into the IRC chat and speak to me if you wish, because I'm "on call" there.