Thursday, October 9, 2014

Minecraft's European PlayStation Vita Release Date Announced

It was far from an easy road to get the game to this point, but 4J Studios has finally made it happen!

The news of the release date comes just after the second, known attempt to pass through Sony's Quality Assurance testing was completed.

Given the length of time that had gone by since it was announced to be in QA, roughly two weeks, many had begun to wonder if it had failed again.

No need to fear now though, as it will be coming:

At this point it is only reasonable to assume that this applies only to the digital download of Minecraft. Minecraft for the Vita will indeed get a physical edition which you may pre-order at various retailers like your 'local', but it would be a tall order to expect it to be done and on shelves within a week's time.

Owner's of the digital PlayStation 3 version of Minecraft will be entitled to the digital version of Minecraft upon release, free of charge.

On the flip side, once you buy the [digital] Vita version of Minecraft you'll receive the PS3 version free of charge.

You may know this, if you are a member of the Sony Ecosystem, as "Cross-Buy" where buying on one platform entitles you to another on one or more of the platforms.

If you ever plan on buying a PS4 in the future, but only have a Vita/PS3/Both at the moment, buy Minecraft for the PS3. If you lack a PS3, you can buy through the online PlayStation store with no problem. Buying for the PS3 will, in addition to the Vita version, entitle you to a $5 upgrade offer, valid for a year, for the PS4 edition.

All three versions can be yours for the tidy sum of $25, opposed to $40 when purchased otherwise.

In case, you're interested in the North American edition of the game, all the above applies, except for the release date. To this point, the release date is unknown.