Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Nexus 6 hopes and predictions

Well, it's around that time of the year again. You know, that time of the year where the Nexus rumors start to crop up, and everyone gets hyped up for the next Nexus phone release.

For the large part, I haven't been paying to many Android phones on the market (mainly because I already had one), but as said in the previous post, my device is becoming increasingly dated. So, I started to take a look at the Nexus 5. After looking at a couple of videos and other articles, I really was thinking of getting a Nexus 5...until I saw that the Nexus 6 is due out in just a few months.


Well, while watching all of those videos, and reading all of those articles, there was really 2 things that I am hoping to be improved in the Nexus 6:
  1. Battery life (a complaint from most)
  2. Camera (even though it was improved)
Other then that, all that I've read has pointed in the right direction.

Nexus 6 Rumors

Now, I'm not one to go off of rumors, but I'll continue anyways...

So far, the Nexus devices have been named (that I know of) after their screen size. The Nexus 7 is ~7", and the Nexus 5 is ~5". By logical thinking, it seems that the Nexus 6 will probably have a 6-inch screen. If this is true, then I'm not buying the Nexus 6. To be honest, I think 5" is the sweet spot for high-end smartphones. Anything bigger and I seriously question how people can fit their phones in their pockets.


So, that being said, here is my wishlist:
  1. I want an updated Nexus 5 model (or have a Nexus 6 variant with a 5" screen)
  2. I want the new Nexus devices to have better battery life
  3. I want the new Nexus devices to have a better camera
So, what do you guys think?