Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Site Update: Social media options in the sidebar

This is a quick post about some quick changes I am making to Techman's World. I think I am going to discontinue the social page up in the sidebar (or, stop making it the only way to see the social networks/options Techman's World has).


To the right, you'll now see a short timeline widget that features tweets from @techmansworld. I am thinking of making the widget a little bit more in height, but I don't want to have (or at least avoid mostly) the scenario where post content is not as long as the content in the sidebars, so the sidebars end up dominating the length of the page. Despite saying this, this scenario is already sort of happening, at least when I write short posts.


Also to the right, you'll see that I have added a Google+ widget. It doesn't display Google+ posts from +Techman's World, but it will contain an easy follow button. If I can find a posts widget, I'll replace it with that instead.




Some of you folks might ask why I am not choosing to include any of my personal social profiles in the mix in the sidebar content, and that's because those are my personal profiles and don't always reflect (or even contain relevance to) Techman's World content. For the sake of it, you can follow me on Google+: +Michael Hazell. I'm also @The_MHazell on Twitter.